Girlguiding Midlands welcomes new members into all sections of our organisation with units throughout our 11 counties.

Guiding sections are:

- Rainbows – age 5-7
- Brownies – age 7-10
- Guides – age 10-14
- Senior Section – age 14-25
- Adult Volunteers – age 18+

We hope that by browsing our website you will get a taste for the fun and exciting things we do in Girlguiding Midlands.

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  • 02 November 2018
  • 24 November 2018
    INSPIRE 2018 is an exciting, one-day event where you will be able to find out what else is out there in the amazing world of guiding! There are so many opportunities available to you; no matter what your interests are, your previous experience, your future goals, or how much time you have available each week. More...
  • 28 July 2019
    This is an opportunity to see various European cities in 2019 whilst building your ‘story’. The groups will compete against each other in a story building challenge whilst travelling throughout Europe.

    The organising team have taken the decision to withdraw the midway event in order to give teams more freedom to travel across different parts of Europe and so that the we can focus on the opening and closing events. There will still be an important Midway plot twist and the £500 payment to Region will now cover: an opening event at Warwick Castle and a challenge event and closing event in Budapest. Transport to Birmingham Airport or Warwick train station get your adventure started. Accommodation on the last 2 nights of the trip in Budapest. Return flight from Budapest to a Midlands airport. A polo shirt, hoodie, badge and story book for each person plus a group Storybook. More...