Region Queen's Guide Adviser

What does the role of Region Queen's Guide Adviser mean to you/involve  ?  What do you hope to achieve as part of this role ?

When I was asked to be the next Region Queen’s Guide Adviser, I was over the moon! I have been a member of Girlguiding since I joined as a Rainbow and have been the Worcestershire County Queen’s Guide Adviser now for 4 years. I currently have a variety of different roles within Girlguiding; which I thoroughly enjoy as I can help new and existing members achieve their goals. During my role as Midlands Region Queen’s Guide Adviser I want to help brand the Queen’s Guide Award as a more commonly known award to everyone in and outside of Girlguiding. The Queen’s Guide Award is such a prestigious award and anyone that has achieved it should be extremely proud of themselves. I would like to encourage more Counties to provide trainings to give everyone an understanding of what the award involves and how great an achievement it is for members aged 16 - 25 years old. I would also like to organise events for anyone that has completed the award, is currently working on their award or someone that is interested in the award to all meet together and inspire each other. There is nothing better than meeting lots of new people with one thing in common, the Queen’s Guide Award.

 What other roles do you have in guiding?

I have been a member of Girlguiding since I was a Rainbow. I am a Brownie leader, running a unit with my Mum and Sister. I am a Leadership qualification Mentor; currently with 3 Mentees. I am the Programme Coordinator for the Worcestershire County International Camp; ‘Pear 2021’. I am also the current Worcestershire County Queen’s Guide Adviser. 

What relevant previous experiences have you had which led you to this Region role?

I have been the Worcestershire County Queen’s Guide Adviser for 4 years now. I took on the role with 1 girl working towards her Queen’s Guide and currently have 7 girls working on the award which is a great achievement. I have been working with Divisions over the past 4 years to encourage more girls to take on the award; by visiting units to give girls and leaders more information and answer any questions. Over the past 2 years I have also provided training's at our County Training Day to give everyone the chance to find out more.  

What is your favourite thing you have done, or your greatest achievement, as a member of Girlguiding?

My greatest achievement must be my Queen’s Guide Award. I completed in 2015 and received my award at the Houses of Parliament in June 2016 on the day of the Queen’s birthday. I am a Queen’s Birthday Guide. To celebrate achieving my award, I climbed the O2 arena with fellow Girlguiding members which we branded our ‘Mountain Top Moment’. 

I also completed the Girlguiding Half Marathon in September 2019 with my Mum and fellow leaders. Between the 7 of us we raised £1,250 for Girlguiding to help pay for essentials like supporting girls going on international GOLD trips, Starting A New Unit grants and volunteer recruitment. 

What do you enjoy outside guiding?

I love the outdoors and enjoy going for runs or a walk over the Clent Hills and visiting National Trust properties with my boyfriend and family. I work in the Construction industry and really enjoy my job as a Quantity Surveyor. I also enjoy cooking and baking delicious cakes. 

What is your favourite biscuit and why? 

I live with a biscuit connoisseur, so biscuits are very important in our household. My favourite has to be an M&S extremely chocolatey white chocolate round. They melt in the mouth, taste incredible and you can’t just have one! 

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Dedicated, Confident, Adventurous