It’s now 14 months since Lisa and Liz have been in post as Growth and Community Coordinators in Girlguiding Midlands. Both Lisa and Liz are funded from a joint project with the Scout Association that secured £2.4 million from the Pears Foundation, #iwill, Big Lottery and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Targets for the full 2 years of the project were:

How are we doing after 14 months:

Open 32 new units


26 new units opened and several more already in the pipeline


Recruit 96 new volunteers active in units

305 new volunteers have been recruited and are active in units


Create spaces for 480 girls in new units


Spaces created for 474 girls in new units.



As you can see, Lisa and Liz have both been super busy, in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and West Mercia Counties, but the success doesn’t stop there as they’ve also been supporting their Counties in lots of other ways too, including:

·         Supporting volunteers to run recruitment stalls and taster sessions for youngsters.

·         Setting up recruitment stall kits that can be easily borrowed by volunteers.

·         Running Social Media Workshops to encourage volunteers to safely open public facing Social Media channels locally so that they can raise the profile of Girlguiding.

·         Organising County Growth Days to spread the love of all things Growing Guiding.

·         Running Growth Workshops at County Training Days and Region events.

·         Supporting volunteers to represent Guiding at Pride events for the first time.

·         Providing Commissioners with detailed membership data to identify where new units are needed.

·         Encouraging volunteers to apply for grants to help new and existing units to grow.

·         Working with other local charities to identify possible collaboration opportunities that will help to raise the profile of Guiding locally.

Lisa and Liz really are a great resource for all things Growing Guiding in the Midlands. With 10 months left of this project there’s still lots that they can help us with ... watch this space for more updates.