Nights Away Challenge

The Nights Away Challenge is for all members who experience time away, whether it’s in a tent, boat or hostel.

The badges are for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section members and even adults! The only criteria is to complete the recognised number of nights at recognised guiding events, e.g. a camp, sleepover, holiday or an international trip.

There are badges for 1,5,10,15,25,50,75 and 100 nights! You can wear your badge on your uniform or put it on your camp blanket.

Who can take part on the ‘Nights Away Scheme?

All members of Girlguiding Midlands, this includes Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section, Adults and Trefoil Guild.

What Counts as a Night Away?

One night (or more) spent on a recognised guiding event.  This could include: Sleepovers, holidays, camps, boating holidays, bivouacs, international trips, youth hostelling, Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions/Explorations, Service crew weekends… in fact, anything that is approved in the Guiding Manual.

How do I record my Nights Away? 

By completing the Nights Away record card.  

Who can sign my record card?

For members under 18, the Leader at the residential event can sign to confirm the number of nights at that particular event.  For over 18’s, another member of staff can sign.

Can I backdate my Nights away?

Nights Away can be backdated to 1 January 2011.

If I’ve already passed a certain Nights Away Badge, can I order that too?

Yes you can order all your back nights Away Badges if you want to, from 1 night up to your current number.  However you will have to pay for these extra badges yourselves at £1 each, as your unit will only issue you with your latest achieved badge.

Where can the badge be worn?

Girls can wear the badge as part of their uniform; when they reach the next Nights Away Badge they remove the old one and replace with their newly issued one.  Past badges can be sewn onto their camp blankets or alternatively badges can be sewn directly onto camp blankets.

After I gain a badge, do my Nights Away reset to zero?

No, your Nights Away accumulate, so keep your record card up to date! Your record card will move with you when you change sections (e.g. move from Rainbows to Brownies) or units.

Do Nights Away count if they are part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme?

Yes but only if you are registered as a Duke of Edinburgh Award candidate through Guiding, and you are mentored by your Leader or County D of E Adviser.  You will be attending your D of E expedition nights as a Senior Section member so your Nights Away Count!  However, if you are registered as a candidate through your school or another organisation, and you are completing your scheme through them, then the nights away do not count.

How do I order my badge(s)?

Girls, once you have reached each number of nights away, show your record card to your unit leader and she will order you a badge.

Leaders – Send a completed Badge Order Form along with a cheque for £1 per badge to The Girlguiding Midlands Region Office.

Download the order form

Download the record card

Four Seasons Camping Challenge

Camp in all four seasons and get great badges from Girlguiding Midlands!

What sections is it open to?

Brownie age upwards.

Can it be an indoor camp?

No, to obtain a badge you must spend one night out of doors in that season.

  • Spring – March, April, May
  • Summer – June, July, August
  • Autumn – September, October, November
  • Winter – December, January, February

If the camp crosses two seasons can this go towards two badges?


How long do you have to complete this challenge?

It will be ongoing.

Can it be carried over from Brownies to Guides etc?


How do I obtain a badge?

The Leader can order badges from the Girlguiding Midlands office using the badge order form, available to download below.

Download the order form

Download the record card

Can it be backdated?

The commencement date is from 1 March 2012.