Growing Guiding is about increasing the membership of Girlguiding in terms of both girls and volunteers. There are five aims which make up Girlguiding’s current strategy in this area.

Strategic mapping and targeted growth, to enable informed planning of membership growth at all levels.

Welcome and induction, to welcome, induct and place new volunteers in appropriate roles, ensuring that expectations are clear, that volunteers are linked into effective local support networks and that we are able to maximise use of individual skills.

Adult volunteer recruitment, so we have enough adult support to provide high-quality guiding to all girls who wish to be a member.

Recruitment of girls and young women as members, so we can offer every girl the opportunity to be a member of Girlguiding.

Sustaining long-term growth and supporting retention, to support local guiding to deliver guiding of a consistently high quality, facilitating growth and retention of members of all ages.

[Girlguiding Vision and Strategy 2012-2014]