The weekend of 14/15 December sees a fabulous opportunity to raise the profile of Girlguiding across the whole Region. In case you haven’t heard ... Girlguiding has exclusive screenings of Frozen 2 at Odeon cinemas during this weekend. So, this means that there will be hundreds if not thousands of excited Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Young Leaders and adult volunteers (well who doesn’t love a bit of Frozen in the run up to Christmas?) going to local cinemas in their uniforms and potentially making quite a visible impact in town centres.

My handy helpful hint #1 is to have a stock of “The fun starts here” postcards (click here to purchase) available ready to give to other passing children/parents/families who can see the fun that our young members are having. 

My handy helpful hint #2 As well as having lots of girls arriving/leaving each cinema there will also be lots of their parents/carers there too, so use this as a recruitment opportunity by having “Volunteer with us” postcards (click here to purchase) available ready to give out too.  So that passers-by, who don’t know about all the opportunities that young members and adult volunteers have with Girlguiding.

My handy helpful hint #3 is to ask your local cinema if there is space for you to have a recruitment stall. This could simply be a table of programme resources plus pictures of a range of exciting activities being done by our members. A Girlguiding banner (your Division/Area/County can hopefully let you borrow one for the weekend) is also great for drawing attention to your stall.

My handy helpful hint #4 is that if you’ve got a local volunteer dad available then having him on the stall will be a really great talking point with other male carers who are dropping off/collecting their children. Lots of dads and grandads are keen to volunteer with units but daren’t ask about doing so!

The PR opportunities around a unit visiting the cinema are not just limited to while they are in the cinema building … if your girls are visiting a fast food provider before or after the film then don’t miss out on handing out postcards to onlookers who appear interested there. Similarly, if travelling via public transport to the cinema then use the opportunity to engage with other passengers about the fact that Girlguiding has exclusive Frozen 2 showings!

My final handy helpful hint is that all postcards come in packs of 50 and can be ordered from trading using the reference numbers given above – if you ask your local Guide shop/depot to add the postcards onto their next order then you won’t even have to pay for postage!